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Post by konpaku on Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:00 pm

I have been asked, "What makes the Hero so powerful?" Not really, just that I'd fool you into thinking, why a noob asked a stupid question like that. I was actually just sitting around, on my account, doing some small raids, while avoiding the loss of my units from incoming attacks. My brother came over and watched as I sent my troops out and was asking questions about my units. He asked me these questions:

"What is that sword?" *pointing to the first unit the romans get.
Answer: that is the first unit I was able to train.

"Okay, then what's that horse?" *pointing to the EI picture*
Answer: That's the fastest unit the romans can build. I call him the Roman raider, because he can carry the most resources of the roman army.

"Wow, he must be good. What's that star?" *obvious as to what he is pointing too*
Answer: That's my hero, the strongest unit in my army. I can only have one of him, and I trained him from a Roman Raider.

"Awesome. What makes him so strong?"
Answer: *I got a little stupid, and decided to see how much I can get him to believe* It's because he carries a bronze sword, shield, helmet, and body armor. The horse is also give bronze armor as well.

"Wow, so they can kill almost any unit that they go up against?"
Answer: *can't believe he bought that* yes he can. However too many troops, and he too will die.

Then my brother left me alone (finally). Then that actually got me thinking, what if I make some fun facts about the hero, to explain why they are so strong. So I started to type things up as they came to me, and from that, here is what I chose for the explaination of why the hero is so strong:

1. They are equipped with Bronze. Even the horses if it is a cavalry unit.

2. That bronze can kick the butt of the steel that the average unit uses

3. They are given special training, to increase their stamina (why they have the health bar)

4. at Level 10, they are given a musket

5. Level 20, they are given a rifle

6. level 30
a. With attack higher then defense, they are given a sub-machine gun
b. With defense higher then attack, they are given a .50 cal machine gun

7. Level 40, they are given a bazooka

8. Level 50 they are given a tank, with a crew

9. Level 60 they are given a T.O.W. Missile, to equip with the tank

10. level 70
a. Attack higher then defense, they are given an assualt rifle with armor piercing incinderary rounds
b. Defense higher then attack, they are given a .50 cal sniper rifle, with armor piercing incinderary rounds

11. level 80, they are given a jet fighter of their choice, including missiles and bombs for selected fighter

12. level 90, they are given TLSR (Thermal Laser System Rifle)

13. level 99,
a. Force field to resist very large melee attack force, and resist the TLSR
b. (Cavalry only) capable of mounting TLSR on the armor of the horse they ride

14. They are pumped up on drugs, in which they don't need any of the previously mentioned items to do massive damage.

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