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Post by konpaku on Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:14 pm

I have written a few poems. I would like your (the reader) feed back. Be honest, if you hate it say so. also, my favorite smilies and this is my first time using them: So with out further side tracks, here are my poems, or at least two I am going to let you read:

Let It Blow

When the wind blows,
the leaves fly high,
taking with it,
the troubles of your past.
Let this wind blow,
so it can free you from your pain.
The pain that you endured,
from the day you were born.

When the wind blows,
the birds soar through the open sky,
bringing with them,
the whispers of your mind.
When this wind blows,
it spreads the desires of the heart,
across the world
for all to hear.

Listen to the desires on the wind,
so soft it is hard to hear.
But it is there,
and you must listen,
for they are the desires of others,
not just your own.

When you donít listen,
everything disappears.
It will feel like you are alone,
so alone that it drives you mad.
You need to open your mind,
so you can hear the people speak,
so you may be free,from the loneliness.
The loneliness you placed yourself into.

When the wind blows,
the trees will dance,
dancing the time away.
Watch the flow of the trees,
and they will create a new
Let this wind blow,
to carry you away,
away from your guilty past.
A guilt that comes for what you have not done.

When the wind blows,
the grass will flow,
like an ocean of green,
tainted by your fears.
When this wind blows,
your fears will be forgotten,
like the tales, of the ones you never heard.

When the wind blows,
a new life will be born,
a life that seems so different.
Different for it feels the same,
but itís only on the same path.

You have lost your troubles,
you have lost your pain.
You have new desires,
your old, spreading across the world.
You no longer feel fear,
for the grass has taken it away.

When the wind blows,
the leaves fly high,
high above your head,
taking the troubles
of anotherís past.
When the wind blows,
you feel free,
free to create
a different path.

When the wind blows,
the birds sore through the open sky,
singing to you,
the whispers of anotherís mind.
When the wind blows,
it has done its job,
to cleanse your soul.

When the wind blows,
the trees will dance,
dancing for your new found self.
When the wind blows,
the grass will flow,
like an ocean of green,
having cleansed itself from your fears.

When the wind blows,
you will be new,
and pass on the wind,
to cleanse another.
When the wind blows,
itís working on another,
and the cycle continues.
When the wind blows,
let it blow.

Ever Lasting war

In the darkness so deep,
where all light run,
A creature so powerful,
That even the gods fear.
The creature slowly spreads,
his darkness across the world,
one step at a time.
This creature of the dark
Moves the shadows around.

When you are in the darkness,
with a single source of light,
and the shadows move closer,
the creature is near.
Keep a level mind,
and a level heart,
for if either one is not level,
the creature's willpower,
will slowly corrupt.

Keeping the level of mind and heart,
one can escape the clutches,
but with nasty scratches.
There is a rumor,
that there is a way to kill this creature,
but rumors they remain,
for if the gods fear it,
then they are powerless.

There is another creature, gods fear too.
The only one who stands a chance,
for both are equal in strength.
The fighting commenced,
and both can not break through,
the other's defense.
The fighting between light and dark,
raged across time,
and raged across the world.

lasting for years not known to man.
The light shifting to darkness,
and the darkness shifting to light,
neither can beat the other,
in the everlasting war.
The gods and the devils joined together,

to forge a sword.
A sword that is said, to be the only one,
to defeat the creatures of light and dark.

If the battle continues,
the very fabric of time and space is at risk,
as the creatures grow in power as the years past.
The power to jump through time,
and the power to jump in and out of space.
The battle needs an end,
and the gods and devils tried,
with their new forged sword.

They were quickly drained of their power,
and was sucked into the sword itself.
The sword waits for the one man who can wield it.
The man who is destined,

to wield the sword never came,
but the sword continues to wait.
The battle continues,
even to this very day.

You may also post any poetry you like, or did yourself.

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Re: Poetry

Post by rachel on Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:07 pm

I write a hell of a lot of poetry......
I usually write travian poetry for my profiles....here is one from another server's profile:

Three times we went
round and round,
Three swords cut
through and through.
Your spirit could not
escape my arms,
your life in moments I slew.
Fear this mortal coil
you spin,
this downward spiral
you tumble.
The fatherless children and widows cry,
as the walls of your city

I also have a ton of travian haikus I will have to find :p
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Re: Poetry

Post by konpaku on Wed Dec 02, 2009 10:18 pm

not bad.

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Re: Poetry

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